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“Hey, Silly!”

Custom Voice Commands for Mac

Extend Mac dictation capabilities with plugins.

Suggest a Voice Command

Siri for Mac is not expected until late 2016 and current voice control customization is limited. At the moment you can only add simple commands or scripts that take no arguments. Adding these commands is not that simple and initial setup process is obscure.

I'm working on an app that would extend Mac dictation capabilities with custom plugins. Here's how my solution would work:

  • Download offline dictation support from Apple
  • Download and run HeySilly app
  • Click "Enable" button and quit the app

That's it. Use new custom voice commands out of the box. Like "Hey, Silly! Google funny cat videos" or "Hey, Silly! Lock the screen". "Hey Silly" is a working title. You can use a different keyword phrase or a keyboard shortcut.

Here are examples of commands that I have in mind:

  • Search Google, Wikipedia or WolframAlpha
  • Show translation of selected text, page or spoken text in Google Translate
  • Start screensaver or put computer to sleep
  • Type emojis by their name

Anything you can think of. Apps like Flashlight and PopClip have open source extensions. I could convert or support directly extensions that are suitable for voice control:
http://flashlight.nateparrott.com/browse https://pilotmoon.com/popclip/extensions/

I've got a working prototype. It supports El Capitan and most likely Yosemite. Jailbreaking Disabling "System Integrity Protection" is not needed. What's missing is API for plugins and UI for managing them.

Do you have ideas for useful voice commands?