ActionShortcuts — Do Stuff Faster on Mac

Run commands and scripts using keyboard shortcuts or from the menu bar.

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How to Use ActionShortcuts

First download and open ActionShortcuts app from the Mac App Store, then:
  • Click Status Icon icon in the menu bar and select ”Open Scripts Folder”.
  • Copy your script files to the Scripts Folder. You can create them using Script Editor and Automator apps (included in macOS) or download Sample Scripts.
    Supported file types are AppleScript, Automator workflows, applications, command and shell scripts.
    Script Files
  • To set up keyboard shortcuts click Status Icon icon in the menu bar and select ”Preferences”.
  • To execute a command, select it in the menu or use a keyboard shortcut you’ve set.
  • Hold “Option” key and select a menu item to edit the script. Or hold “Shift” key to Reveal in Finder. These actions are also available in a context menu of ”Preferences” window > “Actions” tab.
  • Keyboard shortcuts will only work while the app is running, but you can have the app start automatically at login using “Preferences” menu > “About” tab.

    You can hide the menu bar icon or hide individual actions in the menu.

  • Download Sample Scripts that toggle Dark Mode, hide Dock, autohide menu bar, show Desktop and control HazeOver app.

Need help with the scripts or coming up with actions? Contact me.

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