TouchSwitcher — Use Touch Bar to Switch Apps


Use this Touch Bar app to launch and switch between apps on the new MacBook Pro. The most recent apps are right next to the TouchSwitcher icon. Juggling several apps is fast and easy. Forget the Dock and tap on app icons directly.

Faster than ⌘Command + Tab and Dock? Only one way to find out!

Touch Bar

How to Use

  • Tap TouchSwitcher icon in the system Control Strip to show the app list.
    You can also use a customizable keyboard shortcut.
  • Favorite apps are shown to the left of open apps.
    There’s an option to hide favorite apps and reveal them by swiping left instead.
  • Press and Hold or Control-Tap an app icon to show additional commands:
    Hide, Quit and ☆ (to mark an app as favorite).
  • Shift-Tap app icons to quickly hide multiple apps, Option-Tap to quit them.
  • Press and Hold or Control-Tap TouchSwitcher icon to show Settings.
    There’s a Gear icon in the app list that shows Settings too.
    Shift-Tap to temporarily hide the icon, Option-Tap to quit TouchSwitcher.
  • Click “Touch Bar Settings…” in Settings to override what Touch Bar shows for certain apps: Expanded Control Strip, “F1, F2, etc.” Keys, App Controls, Spaces or Quick Actions.
Only one custom control can be shown in the Control Strip. Use the keyboard shortcut to bring back TouchSwitcher icon if other apps (like Safari, iTunes or Xcode) displace it.

Gratuity is Welcome

If you find TouchSwitcher useful or want to encourage further app development please purchase a license below:

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