Automate HazeOver to Create
Your Perfect Focused Workflow

HazeOver dimming state and settings can be controlled with Shortcuts app in macOS Monterey, Focus Filters in macOS Ventura and AppleScript in any macOS version. Combine that with other apps and system settings to set up your perfect environment.

For example, you can enable HazeOver dimming, turn on Dark mode and Do Not Disturb with a single keyboard shortcut.

Other ideas: hide the Dock and the menu bar, set HazeOver intensity or color and launch your productivity app. All in one step after a bit of initial set up.

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Focus Mode How to Use Focus Filters in macOS Ventura

Set up a Focus Filter to toggle HazeOver dimming or set its intensity and color automatically depending on which Focus mode you have activated. For example, you could have dimming turned on when switching to a Work focus or get it set to a particular color when studying. This can be scheduled based on time, location or when using a certain app.

The adjustments you make will be applied automatically when this particular Focus mode is enabled. You can set up different settings for other Focus modes. Disabling a Focus mode will revert HazeOver settings to previous values (unless you changed them manually during Focus).

Shortcuts App How to Use Shortcuts App in macOS Monterey

To run the workflow with a keyboard shortcut or from the menu bar:

Actions supported by HazeOver:

Set HazeOver State
Toggle HazeOver dimming, turn it on or off.

Get Settings
Gets the dimming state, intensity and other HazeOver settings. You can use individual values as input or condition for other actions in your workflow.

Set Color
Sets the dimming color using hex value. For example, 000000 for black or FF0000 for red.

Set Animation
Sets the dimming animation duration between 0 and 5 seconds.

Set Intensity
Sets the dimming intensity between 0 (transparent) and 100 (opaque).

Set Highlight Mode
Sets the highlight mode for multiple windows of the same app. Either one or all front windows of the active app can be highlighted.

Set Secondary Displays Mode
Sets the highlight mode for windows on secondary screens. HazeOver can either dim everything on secondary displays or highlight a window on each one.

Update Dimming
Use this when some other action or app reorders windows, but the dimming state does not get updated. Should only be necessary in rare cases with third-party apps.

AppleScript File How to Use AppleScript in Any macOS Version

tell app "HazeOver" to set enabled to not enabled

HazeOver state should change.

To find out all supported properties you need to add HazeOver app to Script Editor library:

Available scripting properties can be found in “HazeOver Suite” > “application” section. These can later be found by selecting Window > Library menu, then HazeOver app in the list.

Writing and launching AppleScript files is a bit more involved. Use ActionShortcuts app to run any scripts using the menu bar or keyboard shortcuts. It includes some sample scripts to get you started.

Contact me if you need help coming up with or setting up HazeOver automation.

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