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A permanent addition to my desktop

This program has redefined what I view as “comfortable” on my desktop, and it has become a permanent resident on my status bar. I rarely disable it, but love the fact that I can quickly and easily do so using the taskbar icon. It does exactly what it says. Five stars.

Better is use than theory

You don’t know how nice this is until you use it. It really does make concentrating on the given window easier; and yes, you always know what window you’re on. Glad I got this, highly recommend it.

Brilliantly Simple

App that makes you go, “Where have you been all my Mac life?”

Worth the money, worth the time

This app has definitely helped with making my productive life easier. Let me tell you that it little popups are an annoyance to you, then this app will definitely help you concentrate on one thing at a time. It is now in my must-have list and should be in yours too!

Deceptively useful app

This is a well done program that might strike you at first as being just eye candy, but it really does help you focus on your active application. I haven’t used another program like HazeOver, and so it seems very original to me. Plays so well with Lion’s Mission Control that it now seems like an omission to Apple’s latest OS. To complain about its price tag seems a bit miserly to me, as it’s a wonderful OS X enhancement.

Stops the burn!

Okay, it’s really great to not have background apps/windows be distracting my eyes on a large screen, but the other huge benefit is that my eyes no longer feel as “burned” after a long day at the screen.

Very helpful

Works as advertised. Very useful for focusing. Especially at night when you don’t want many bright windows on your face. Reasonably priced too. Thanks!


Does the one thing it’s supposed to really well. You can change how much you want background apps to darken, and that’s all you need to do. Really useful as I find there’s not enough distinction between windows when you have multiple windows open at the same time. [...] Good job.

Great little app at a low price...

HazeOver really focuses the eye on the active window. Great for blocking all the other stuff out without going "full screen".

Nice utility

Does just what you’d expect.. I’m a new Mac owner, and struggled a bit with the fact that OSX doesn’t natively support full screen apps. I always found myself clicking on a window, typing and then realizing that I’d lost the forefront window focus (especially since I am not a touch typist). The customizations are nice (transparency, transitions etc) and it is worth the price (less than a Latte) while waiting for LION.

Very useful!

It does exactly what you would expect and is as simple as pie. I often have lots of windows open spread over two large monitors, so this app is very helpful in letting me know which is the active one.

Perfect for my needs

I do a podcast and oftern have 3 - 4 apps running at the same time, constantly switching between them. This little gem ensures that I’m always clicking on an active app, as it always highlights the active app. Cosmetically it’s great, and very functional. Love it!

Great Application, even better response

This is a very handy utility for folks who use a lot of modal and multi-window programs. Things like 3D applications and programming apps, that use tons of inspectors and toolboxes will just pleasantly sit in the background, and not compete for attention with your current app up in front. I think it’s a must for folks running a multimonitor setup, and has a nice amount of configurability to suit your own Preferences. Maxim was very responsive to a few ideas that I had that might have enhanced this great utility, and here’s a new version that proves he’s on the ball. Thanks Maxim!

So far it Works! Great for Spaces!!!!!

I use spaces and it works better than any other darkening app does in spaces that I’ve tried. It’s great for those moments in OSX where your window is not active and seems to be foremost. (y’know what I mean - your clicking in the window- it’s beeping and not typing until you click the title bar or tab switch) Well.... Now you’ll really know! Update: Nice new Update for effect. Also I have been using it along with Menu Eclipse2 (to dim the title bar) for a couple of weeks now and they work VERY WELL together.

Slick and Useful

Thanks for the update, I like that ability to adjust the tween time and even make it instant. Great update. Keep it simple and useful as is! Thanks!


Work as advertised. Nice little app at a good price. Glad to se they are not trying to rob people like some of the other apps in the store. Wish there was an option though to turn of the time it takes to fade other windows. I would actually prefer to have them drop into the background instantly rather than have the fading animation. Update: The app now can be set to instant with the latest update so it is perfect. Thank you!

Viewing iTunes videos

This is exactly what I’m looking for when viewing iTunes videos in a separate window. It gets rid of the bright windows in the background and makes viewing the video much easier.

Great for focusing!

Very simple app and almost perfect at what it does. Can customize the darkness level of background apps but they are all still visable. It really does help you focus on the main app but other apps are right there. Did not notice any impact the CPU or RAM when using this app. You can switch between apps just as fast when this is not running. Found it slightly more stable then Isolator. [...]


There aren’t many aesthetic tweaks you can make to OSX that are both useful and tasteful, but this is definitely one of them. I wouldn’t be surprised to find Apple stealing this idea at some point. [...]

Very Handy!

Great little App to help focus on what needs your immediate attention on screen. Simple to set up and use. Really pleased with it!

Very cool!

I do have lots of things running at once, and it has always been visually confusing...this is very helpful! Thankyou!

Wanted This Since the OS X Public Beta!

This fixes one of the problems I have with OS X, typing a key command for an application that looks as though it’s the foremost but isn’t. It does it well, with a tiny CPU and memory footprint. I would love an option to keep the Finder (or even any application I choose) highlighted all the time.


This is brilliant for making sure you know which window is active without having to make a cognitive effort to check, but it’s just what i’ve been looking for to blank out background windows when i’m wathing something in iTunes and dont want a full screen view. Well done!

Great Little App

This is a great little app for multiple monitors, focusing on your work, spaces etc.

Simple, yet awesome!

Makes it much easier to focus, and get real work done.


I don’t know why some are having issues? It works Great for me! I have 2 monitors and do graphic, web and photography work and this app helps me to focus a lot!!

Really nice app :)

Does exactly what it says. It helps me focus on one thing on my screen.

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